Thursday, March 11, 2010

OTOY this summer?

Excellent must read article about OTOY:

Apparently OTOY is building multiple supercomputers (Fusion Render Clouds) with AMD and Supermicro which are expected to launch this summer. Wooooot!!

The hardware itself is quite intimidating. A supercomputer will consist of 128 servers, with a total of 250 AMD “Mangy Cours” Opteron microprocessors and 500 graphics chips based on AMD’s Cypress designs. Each of those graphics chips can process 2.7 teraflops, or 2.7 trillion math operations per second. Each supercomputer could serve 3,000 high-definition users, or 12,000 standard-definition users. Otoy’s own software on a consumer’s own machine is tiny, taking up just four kilobytes of data.

Check out their revamped website as well: Finally some action :-D !

This press release summarizes it all:

I'm just hoping that the awesome voxel raycasting technology first seen in the Cinema 2.0/Ruby demo for the HD4800 series in June 2008 (sheesh, that was 21 months ago!!!!), will be used as well on these cloud supercomputers, as it would be an ideal fit and instant justification for the concept of cloud rendering.

In other news, Onlive is also launching its cloud gaming service on June 17th! Are we going to have a cloudy summer?

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