Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Update 9 on real-time path traced Pong: Tokap latest version "Arcade Madness"

Completely over the top: bouncing, breathing, color changing balls. Video was captured in real-time on a 8600M GT!!! 16 samples per pixel (no motion blur)

Download link for all Tokap SRC code and EXEs: http://code.google.com/p/tokap-the-once-known-as-pong/

Real physics with bouncing angle depending on where the ball hits the paddle are next! Also the lightsource will bathe the scene in a dramatic red hue when the player fails to rebound the ball :)

If anyone with a Nvidia GPU which is more powerful than my 8600M GT (preferably a Fermi card ;) could make a short video capture of this demo and upload it, please do!


Unknown said...

That's really nice.

What file exactly to download (cos i've found quite few)to record screen capture. I've got oc460 and would like to test that out!

Sam Lapere said...

Download the one with "Tokap Arcade Madness.zip". There are two files in there, one with and one without motion blur. You can also download tokap different speeds, to see the effect of the motion blur.

Physics are not in yet, but are being worked on :)