Monday, November 11, 2013

Shiny Toy pathmarcher on Shadertoy

This looks incredible, raymarching with GI, glossy road, glossy car:

The future of real-time graphics is noisy!


Anonymous said...

Both current CPUs and GPUs would already be faster if their creators only deigned to have utilized 16nm SRAM chips & silver wire.

Anonymous said...

the website link crashes Firefox all the time - so I can't view it :(

UK said...

So am I (((( and it crashes Chrome..

Ultimate said...

can the ps4 run this engine?

Anonymous said...

In USA created an electronic brain (of the same size) which performance is 80 petaflops (path tracing needs only 1 petaflop) at 20 watts power consumption. So, by taking advantage of the russian room-temperature superconductors (confirmed at Cambridge University of England in 2010), such device could get much much faster than it actually is.

colocolo said...

Can CUDA 6 help to increase the performance of Brigade 3?

Anonymous said...

NVIDIA video cards are that slow due also to nonuse of the microthread technique .

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous (the one who wrote the "electronic brain) who are you? You're littering your crazy bullcrap all over the raytracey blog.

Anonymous said...

The sixth-generation computer (Real-time 4D Graphics ASIC) :

* Room-temperature superconductor ‘bipolar’ {can as well utilize only one type of carriers which makes it even faster} transistors {Dayem bridge Josephson junctions} & superconductive wiring

* Emitter-Coupled Logic

* Ternary combinational logic solely {no sequential logic at all}

* Explicit Data Graph Execution (non von Neumann)

* Single core with 8 threads & machine belt architecture (a few of extremely long superconducting registers)

* Wax-enamelled multiple-layer integrated circuit

* 100-exabyte Hyper CD-ROM (Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Romania)

* Mercury programming language (non von Neumann)

~ No quantum schemes, photonics, operating memory, cache, hard disk, vector (array) processing, floating point and other useless things.

Summary: the highest physically possible specific performance, no heat generation at all, great scalability, good versatility.

Anonymous said...

Just know that Phiar Corporation 's 1.7-terahertz hot electron bipolar transistors could let path tracing in games already now.