Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ruby, Ruby, Rubaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy

So, almost 10 months have passed since the first unveiling of the Ruby/OTOY/Cinema 2.0/whatever demo. AMD still hasn't released the demo. For shame.

Since my last post in October, their was a little media fart about OTOY's server side rendering around CES09 in January. They're gonna build a 1 Petaflop supercomputer, built out of ATI cards.

Recently, OTOY showed up at GDC as well. They showed a completely lifelike CG model of Ruby's head, made with LightStage. Only the upper half for now. So damn sexy...

linky for the pic: Skip to 50:00 and turn off the volume, cos the show host doesn't know crap about what he's talking about.

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