Thursday, August 12, 2010

Carmack loves ray tracing

Some excerpts from his QuakeCon keynote (different live blogs):

"There are a lot of things we live with as rasterization in games...Ray tracing was the better way to go. The shadows and samples were right.. the radiosity gets done in a much better way."

Ray Tracing definitely not coming in this generation, but it's definitely the future of gaming once the technology becomes performance reasonable. Will make development easier. A lot of his opinions on ray tracing has changed in the past six months. Now that multicore CPUs are mainstream they're starting to catch back up to rendering performance compared to GPUs.

and from Carmack's own twitter:
"Reading Realistic Ray Tracing 2nd Ed. I discourage the use of .x .y .z style members and favor arrays. Many bugs due to copy-paste."

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