Friday, January 28, 2011

New videos of the Brigade real-time path tracer!

Development on the Brigade path tracer by Jacco Bikker and Dietger van Antwerpen is going strong and has made great progress as proven by these videos running on a system with dual hexacore Intel CPU (12 cores total) and 2 GTX 470 GPUs. All of the scenes are real-time pathtraced with multiple bounces at 10-12 fps.

Minecraft level with HDR skydome lighting (this time with global illumination) (24 spp):

simple scene with HDR skydome lighting and refraction (24 spp):

Buddha and Dragon scene, multi-bounce lighting (8spp):

Escher scene, lots of areas with indirect lighting (8 spp):

Same Escher scene but with significantly reduced noise (8 spp):

Especially the last video quite convincingly shows that real-time path tracing for games (at moderate framerates and resolution) is almost ready for prime time!

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