Thursday, April 5, 2012

Real-time path tracing: modern city

While the medieval cities from SketchUp were fantastic test models, I also wanted to see what a more modern city would look like in Brigade:

The above city scene is great as a test to show that Brigade can handle huge scenes, but it is unfortunately quite low on geometric detail, so I looked further and found a much more detailed scene with very high resolution textures ("Streets of Asia" by StoneMason). 

This is what games made with Brigade will look like in real-time:

The scene is truly beautiful in motion. Expect a video tomorrow.


TheSFReader said...

Once again great photos and video ! can't wait for tomorrow's video !

PS : I SO love the billboard trees ! !

Sam Lapere (Ray Tracey) said...


Yep, billboard trees are cool :)

Anonymous said...

second scene => holy crap :)

Sam Lapere (Ray Tracey) said...

Yes indeed :)

it's unbelievable how photoreal that scene actually looks on my system when navigating through it and moving the sun.

I hope I can capture that awesomeness in a video.

Anonymous said...

Could you for once make a video, where each frame is rendered to full image quality, so we can enjoy the true beauty of it ?

Sam Lapere (Ray Tracey) said...


Anonymous said...

That scene was also used by Octane at some point. I even used it in a slide a year ago or so, to show what real-time path tracing could be once it got faster. :)

- Jacco.

Sam Lapere (Ray Tracey) said...

it's the exact same scene and it runs in real-time with Brigade. I'll upload a video in a short while