Monday, April 23, 2012

Real-time photorealistic GPU path tracing: normal mapped Streets of Asia

I've upgraded the Streets of asia scene with some normal mapping to add an extra layer of realism. The scene truly comes alive now and is downright gorgeous. It's a joy to fly through the environment and see the real-time photorealistic lighting infuse every object with spirit. The screenshots below rendered instantly, thanks to a  healthy speed bump in Brigade's code:


I'll make a very high quality video (720p) of the above scene for an upcoming blogpost and will also show more of this huge modern city ("Urban Sprawl 2: The Big City" by Stonemason):


Sean Lumly said...

These renderings are very impressive. The amount of detail added by the normal mapping is incredible, and some of the lower city scenes are very close to being photo-real.

Keep it up!

Sam Lapere (Ray Tracey) said...

Thanks Sean!

John said...

The light behaviour is really nice .
though didn't you lost the transparency on alpha maps for the leaves with your latest update ?

Sam Lapere (Ray Tracey) said...

There weren't any alpha maps before, it just wasn't that obvious in previous shots because I painted the part of the leaf textures in the same colour as the background.