Friday, July 29, 2011

Bullet Physics in Simplex Paternitas path tracer

Someone on youtube suggested to make a version of the physics animation from my previous post where the scene is only lit by the small white ball on top. For this purpose I've incorporated the Bullet library to the Simplex Paternitas path tracer of Jacco Bikker. The results are pretty wicked:

This video was rendered on a 8600M GT, 12 spp, 480x360 resolution:

Without caustic noise (only reflective and diffuse balls, 12 spp, 640x480 resolution on 8600M GT):

The new executable and source code are available at

Damn this stuff is really addictive!


radiant said...

hey mate,

Can you compile a 64 bit [64spp] exe
i dont have the 64 bit cudart64.dll or something like that

Ray Tracey said...

Sure, but I don't have access to a 64-bit system right now (maybe in a few days I will).

Kerrash said...

I've got a 64bit environment, let me see what I can do

Ray Tracey said...

Thanks Kerrash. If you need any help with compiling the source code, I've been through the process a couple of times already :)

Emanem said...

Anyone compiled something for Linux?