Sunday, July 31, 2011

TOKAP with Bullet: Mirror physics

Update to my previous post, just to show that the scene remains fully customizable at runtime:

480p video rendered on 8600M GT:

Executable for "Tokap Sphere Stack with Bullet Physics Release" at (this version is the release version and should run without needing the Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable package for x86)

I'm really hooked on this path tracer, the photorealistic quality is so damn awesome.

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r0ots said...

I'm having great time following your blog. Like you, I love the photorealistic render that the path tracer gives.

But I'm kinda noob with the algorithm, so my question will may seems inapropriate:

For the mirror effect, are you using some kind of tricks, like RTT? or do you use plain path tracing? If so, how many rebounds do you need for such an effect?

thx in advance, and keep on with the great job, your work makes want to try out to code one myself.

Ray Tracey said...

Thanks for the great comment!

The reflections are perfectly specular, so they can use a Whitted-style 'shortcut' for computational efficiency by tracing only the reflected ray. So reflections aren't path traced, but the results are the same in the case of perfect reflections. The number of bounces in the pictures is between 5 and 8 (no infinite reflections).

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