Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trailer for Reflect, the first real-time path traced game

A video of the Portal-inspired game "Reflect", which uses the Brigade path tracer has surfaced on Youtube (sassy soundtrack included):

The game is running on 2 Xeon (quad core) CPUs and 2 GTX 460s in this video. The number of indirect light bounces seems rather low, but the mere fact that path tracing can be done at playable framerates and reasonable noise levels is quite a breakthrough. Real-time path tracing for games is finally becoming reality, and this is just the beginning. Congratz to the team behind Reflect!

UPDATE: there's another video of Reflect which is slightly less noisy:


StaseG said...

Oh! Path traced Portal!

Anonymous said...

There are no indirect light bounces if i'm not mistaken :D

Ray Tracey said...

That would explain the black ceilings in the second half of the trailer. It's a performance trade-off between framerate and lighting/image quality I guess.

I'm fine with the thought that this will look so much better on future GPUs without extra coding effort.