Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Futuristic Buildings" a new real-time path traced demo

I've decided to put my freshly learned C++ skills to the test, and what better way is there than modifying the source code of an already awesome program, in this case the recently released real-time path tracer "Simplex Paternitas" by Jacco Bikker. For "Futuristic Buildings" I modified some of the animation from Simplex Paternitas, added some new animations and also a new "skyscraper" building with moving spheres.

The purpose of this demo was to emphasize the extraordinary capabilities of this path tracer, in particular the ultra-high-quality global illumination with color bleeding and dynamic soft shadows at real-time framerates. The demo renders almost noise-free images at 16 samples per pixel and should render them very fast when you have a high end GPU (>30 fps I guess, I only tested it with a 8600 M GT).

Some images:

Download "Futuristic Buildings" at

A CUDA enabled GPU is required as the path tracing happens entirely on the GPU.

This is work in progress of course, I'm planning to add another building and a user-controllable character (the truck from Unbiased Truck Soccer :) . A video should follow soon.


Emanem said...

Hi, is there a Linux version?
It doesn't work with wine unfortunately :-(


Ray Tracey said...


I don't have Linux installed, but I will upload the source code so you can compile your own version.