Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Brigade 2 interior + character test

Character test with Brigade 2 and depth-of-field

Fang model from Final Fantasy XIII, free to download from

 Blinn shader:

A few days ago, a 3d artist sent me an interior scene he wanted me to test with Brigade 2. The scene has a rather complex lighting setup: a living room which is indirectly lit by a built-in light source directed at the ceiling (with light bouncing off of the ceiling) and by environment light passing through a corridor and 2 layers of glass (clear and milky glass) on one side and light coming through a window semicovered by vertical window blinds on the other side. I love tough challenges, so I tried to tweak the materials and lighting in Brigade as close as possible to the real thing. To my surprise, the scene rendered pretty fast which I hope to show in a video soon. 

Some screens of this interior scene:

Environment light only:

These are some screens from another interior scene (400k triangles) with "easier" lighting. As I'm not an interior architect, the colors are downright horrible right now (most of them are default), but the point is that Brigade can handle complex geometry very well:

And to conclude another WIP shot from "Random City", showing color bleeding from the floor onto the buildings and multiple reflections in the windows:

Videos of these tests will be posted soon, if my upload bandwidth allows it :-)


Anonymous said...

Where do you get your 3D models ?

Ray Tracey said...

They're all free models that I've found on the net. Just google "free 3d models". Most of them are in max format, so you need a 3ds max version to convert them to obj.