Saturday, April 4, 2009

More OTOY video's

Jules Urbach talking about cloud rendering:

An early concept video of LivePlace from March 2007, commented by Jules Urbach. Doesn't use voxel raycasting. Shows scenes created by JJ Palomo from 3DBlasphemy, currently at Big Lazy Robot VFX, and working together with OTOY:

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Voxels, id tech 6, stuff

Great video of Zelex (Jon Olick) graphics engineer and researcher at id Software, showing the sparse voxel octree technology for id Tech 6:

It's the übersexy Imrod! modelled in Z-Brush by Dmitry Parkin

There's a Siggraph presentation about SVO from Jon Olick as well

Gigavoxels: high quality sparse voxel octree raycasting from Cyril Crassin:

And an awesome blog about voxel rendering:

Ruby, Ruby, Rubaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy

So, almost 10 months have passed since the first unveiling of the Ruby/OTOY/Cinema 2.0/whatever demo. AMD still hasn't released the demo. For shame.

Since my last post in October, their was a little media fart about OTOY's server side rendering around CES09 in January. They're gonna build a 1 Petaflop supercomputer, built out of ATI cards.

Recently, OTOY showed up at GDC as well. They showed a completely lifelike CG model of Ruby's head, made with LightStage. Only the upper half for now. So damn sexy...

linky for the pic: Skip to 50:00 and turn off the volume, cos the show host doesn't know crap about what he's talking about.