Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nvidia's realtime ray tracing in the cloud: RealityServer and iray

mental images' RealityServer has now the option to render on a GPU cluster with CUDA based iray.

A very impressive interactive ray tracing demo, first shown publically at Nvidia's GPU Tech Conference: (H.264, 180 MB)

A video of iray integrated in Google SketchUp:

RealityServer is sold in different configurations consisting of 8 up to 100+ Tesla GPU's. The biggest cluster configurations are targeted towards rendering of online virtual worlds and online entertainment, and can serve multiple concurrent users per GPU.

more info:

Nvidia also showed a demo of an interactively raytraced Bugatti with global illumination running on OptiX at GTC:

video: (H.264, 82 MB)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New CryENGINE3 trailer

in HD:

Again the trailer explicitely mentions "Integrated Voxel Objects". I don't think it refers to the voxel sculpting tool for making things like caves in Sandbox Editor 2. I believe it is a reference to the SVO tech that I discussed in the previous post, because it is shown in the trailer among other features that are specific to CryENGINE3: procedural content, multi-core support, streaming infinite worlds, (advanced AI), deferred lighting, realtime global illumination, cryengine3 Live create (whatever that is).