Thursday, December 27, 2012

Real-time GPU path tracing: Physics dragons

Another quick test with OTOY's Brigade engine showing 1024 physics driven Stanford dragons. Brigade has an extremely efficient way of handling dynamic instances and can now effortlessly render billions of (rigid) dynamic triangles in real-time. 

All the recent instancing tests are not merely tests, but are part of a bigger project. More about that soon. In the meantime, enjoy the screenshots:

Monday, December 17, 2012

Photorealistic head with Octane Render

Just needed to share these jaw dropping images using Octane Render, they are too good to be true:

- ultra-detailed 17 million triangle human head mesh captured with OTOY's LightStage 
- rendered with path tracing using physically based (unbiased) subsurface scattering 
- HDRI environment map lighting
- 2048x1024 resolution
- completely noiseless after 8 seconds with just one GTX 680 using Octane Render v1.01 (which features environment map importance sampling)

And this is a 8192x4096 render (blogspot resized the image unfortunately). Note that all the detail is pure geometry, and is not coming from the  normal maps

Another one:

More screens here:

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Real-time GPU path tracing: Unbiased Cab City WIP 1

Found some time to do another quick instancing test with OTOY's Brigade engine:

- 1024 dynamic instances of a car (materials can be customized per instance, not shown yet)
- car model contains about 23k triangles
- 400k triangle city scene (can be instanced tens of times without performance loss)

It's now also possible to have a complete city with hundreds of instanced city blocks containing thousands of (instanced) animated characters and cars, essentially a real-time path traced photorealistic GTA. It's mighty impressive. But that's for another video :)

UPDATE: Yes! Ich bin mit diesen Demo auf die grossen Deutschen website PC Games Hardware erschenen, das ist ja ganz toll! :D :


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Unbiased Dragon Fiesta

It's been a long time since I posted a video about Brigade (blame Octane Render, which is so fucking awesome and addictive it's not even funny anymore, check for example this video: But the latest addition on Brigade definitely deserves a new video: we now have instancing working, it's really useful (best part of the video at the end):

What you see here are 32x32 (1024) Stanford dragons, each containing 100k triangles for a total of more than 100 million triangles, all path traced in real-time. This number is actually quite modest, as we can easily scale up to billions of triangles and still be real-time. This is impossible to achieve with a rasterization based game engine. I'm convinced that instancing will be the decisive factor for game engines to switch to ray tracing and is actually going to be more important than having perfect shadows, reflections, refractions, indirect lighting, diffuse color bleeding, physically based materials, raytraced ambient occlusion and DOF.

The next step is to make practical use of this feature in a game like setting: I want to use the city scene from one of my earlier demos (see and stuff it with instanced trees, cars and people, a bit like a real-time path traced GTA. It's doable.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Real-time GPU path tracing: Octane Render getting started videos

This is an awesome video showcasing the extreme speed at which Octane Render is able to produce photorealistic images with path tracing (and it's also a nice introduction to Octane). Coffeemills will never be the same after you've seen this:

And this one shows off the powerful material system in Octane, and it's all rendered at full photorealistic quality in real-time:


A short real-time test in Stonemason's Backstreets:

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

iCEnhanced Brigade screenshots (3)

A few more amazing shots of Brigade, made by iCE La GlacE (see

With some of the optimizations that we're working on right now, the real-time path tracing technology provided by Brigade will make this kind of realism a reality in games very soon. We're on the cusp of having truly photorealistic, cinema quality games! 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

iCEnhanced Brigade screenshots (2)

Another set of stunning screenshots made by iCELaGlace using OTOY's Brigade engine. The scene is Stonemason's Backstreets. Seeing this stuff running in real-time is utterly amazing. We have a dynamic character in there as well, but that's something for another post :) 


More to follow soon...

Friday, September 21, 2012

iCEnhanced Brigade screenshots (1)

These are the first tasty screenshots made by iCELaGlacE (Hayssam Keilany) using the iCEnhanced version of OTOY's Brigade real-time path tracing engine (the beautifully detailed interior scene was created by Enrico Cerica and contains over 1 million triangles):

The aim is to make a game with this scene, some of the gameplay ideas include a small toy car or plane that you can navigate through the scene or an action packed Heavy Rain like game. Or even some physics cubes destroying the scene similar to this photoreal animation (rendered with Octane):  

Follow the iCEnhancer Facebook page for more shots: