Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Real-time GPU path tracing: Octane Render getting started videos

This is an awesome video showcasing the extreme speed at which Octane Render is able to produce photorealistic images with path tracing (and it's also a nice introduction to Octane). Coffeemills will never be the same after you've seen this:

And this one shows off the powerful material system in Octane, and it's all rendered at full photorealistic quality in real-time:


A short real-time test in Stonemason's Backstreets:


RC-1290 said...

Is the map based daylight system to make it easier to match lighting conditions with video footage that was already shot?

(By the way, the coordinates 50.7667 4.4667 seen in the video have nothing to do with your actual location, right? ;] )

Sam Lapere said...

Not really, it's just an easy way for architects to get the exact position of the sun at any location in the world (time and date can be adjusted too).

The coordinates do not necesarily coincide with my actual location :)