Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crytek aims for the cloud, sparse voxel octrees and sparse surfel octrees

Crytek's HPG 2010 presentation is available at According to the slides, Crytek is already using sparse voxel octree in the game asset pipeline. Because they are Crytek, they are also researching a variation on SVO, called the sparse surfel octree (I vaguely remember surfels from Michael Bunnell's point based ambient occlusion and indirect lighting technique in GPU Gems 2). I wonder what that is going to look like.

There are a few slides on server side rendering, which could "drastically change the direction" of the real-time rendering pipeline.

Other interesting tidbits:
- a configurable hardware scheduler which could make raytracing much faster
- Larrabee 2 still in the race for next-gen consoles?
- DX11 Compute Shaders suck
- Perception-driven graphics are the key to more efficient use of rendering resources (this is a very interesting future direction)


sebh said...

Besides all the very interesting technology discussion, my PhD is about perception based rendering using gaze tracking and visual attention model (saliency map, top-down simulation, etc) and this is funny to see that Crytek is interested in such things.

I can't talk yet about my last paper because it is still under review but there is some clues on my PhD website. :)

Sam Lapere said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm off to reading your website.

btw, at HPG 2010 there was a brief presentation by Alan Chalmers, who is also researching visual attention and perception: [url][/url]

sebh said...

Yes, I have to read his presentation. And Alan Chalmers has accepted to be one of the jury member when I will defend my PhD. :)

Sam Lapere said...


DrBlackAdder said...

An updated location for the HPG 2010 Presentation Notes: