Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nvidia's Project Denver to appear first in Maxwell GPU in 2013

Just found this piece in an article from The Register:

Nvidia is not providing much in the way of detail about Project Denver, but Andy Keane, general manager of Tesla supercomputing at Nvidia, told El Reg that Nvidia was slated to deliver its Denver cores concurrent with the Maxwell series of GPUs, which are due in 2013. As we previously reported, Nvidia's Kepler family of GPUs, implemented in 28 nanometer processes, are due this year, delivering somewhere between three and four times the gigaflops per watt of the current "Fermi" generation of GPUs. The Maxwell GPUs are expected to offer about 16 times the gigaflops per watt of the Fermi. (The Register is wrong here, the chart actually showed 16x Gigaflops per Watt over Tesla or GT200 cards)(Nvidia has not said what wafer baking process will be used for the Maxwells, but everyone is guessing either 22 or 20 nanometers).

While Keane would not say how many ARM cores would be bundled on the Maxwell GPUs, he did confirm that Nvidia would be putting a multicore chip on the GPUs and hinted that it would be considerably more than the two cores used on the Tegra 2 SoCs. "We are going to choose the number of cores that are right for the application," says Keane.

A multicore ARM CPU integrated into the GPU, nice!

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