Friday, November 4, 2011

Photorealistic animation rendered with Octane Render from within 3ds Max UPDATE: new video of Octane/3ds Max integration

Details about the scene and system used are in the video description (average rendertime 2.5 min at 720p HD resolution with only 1 GTX580).

Besides the fact that it looks so unbelievably real, the most interesting part about this animation is that it was rendered from within 3ds Max, using an in-development plug-in version of Octane Render that is completely integrated with the Max software. This will enable users to edit, move, add and delete geometry and lights in the scene and see the results instantly rendered in the viewport with Octane Render's photorealistic quality. It also eliminates the lengthy per-frame export times (in some cases longer than the actual rendertime of the frame itself) which will do wonders for animation rendering. I think this integration is going to become Octane's new killer feature which will take insanely fast photorealistic rendering on the GPU to the next level.

UPDATE: a new video appeared on the Octane Render forum, showing fully integrated Octane in the 3ds Max environment:


Kerrash said...


I just found all my old Lego a few days ago, I had a set like that one.

Sam Lapere said...

I use to have Lego Technics, you could build a robot arm that you could program to draw stuff on a paper sheet. The drawings looked like crap, but good fun it was!

Unknown said...

i have been eating for this for so long!

Sam Lapere said...

@ thenut: Watch your cholesterol