Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Brigade 2 Glossy test 480p and 720p videos on GTS 450

Some videos of the scene in the previous post:


- rendered on just one GTS 450, no CPUs involved (hybrid CPU/GPU rendering is actually slower than pure GPU rendering (due to synching) besides being more complex)
- 640x480 render resolution (first video)
- 1280x720 HD render resolution (second video)
- extremely fast convergence: great image quality with only 4 samples per pixel per frame (when the camera is non-stationary) which is sufficient for scenes with skydome lighting
- max path depth 4
- floor, blue boxes, vehicle wheels and chassis are partially glossy to create a plastic look
- containers, mirror ball and flat mirror are perfectly specular
- orange ball is perfectly refractive in first video
- walls are perfectly diffuse (Lambertian)
- almost 3800 triangles (not that many but it's a lot less restrictive than the spheres and boxes from TOKAP and actually not that much slower thanks to BVH acceleration) 

The framerate would be a lot smoother on a GTX 580, or better yet a pair of them :-)


Whiskersnout said...

What's the chance of getting to play with that demo? I've got a GTX 570 I'd like to try that against.

Sam Lapere said...

I'll see what I can do.