Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sunny real-time path traced Sponza!

Another real-time Brigade test with the sun on Sponza, a more challenging scene with lots of areas with indirect lighting.

Video (32 spp per frame):

The toad was modeled by Son Kim. The video is pretty dark in some areas, so to see all the details, I advise to watch it without too much environment light.

This scene is the gold standard to test how well a newly developed GI algorithm handles indirect lighting scenarios. With Brigade it is possible to render this scene at photorealistic quality in real-time on just two GTX580 GPUs (one Kepler GPU should easily surpass surpass this). 

Beautiful diffuse colour bleeding on the toad:

I've decided to work on a real game-like outdoor city scene, something like the open world city in Assassin's Creed, but with photoreal quality real-time path traced global illumination. I'm currently working on an ancient city scene (400k triangles, model from SketchUp). Expect a video with this model soon, showing dynamic sunlight and real-time updated GI (it renders effortlessly at 10-20 fps).


Anonymous said...

Simply amazing.

Five years ago if you told me you'd be path tracing hundreds of thousands of polygons in realtime within the near future I would have looked at you funny and walked away.

Anonymous said...

yay, seeing my model in Brigade is inspiring! I'm working on some new stuff(environments) specifically for Brigade.


Sam Lapere said...

Anonymous: that's the reaction I got from almost everyone that I spoke to about path tracing, so I just gave up and started coding to prove it :-)

Son Kim: cool, keep me updated on your progress

Lex4art said...

Btw, can you light up one moment: any plans about "Brigade Free SDK" (like "UDK" or "Cryengine3 Free SDK") - e.g. public avalible toolset, that can be used for commercy (with 20-30% royality to toolset owners) and so on?

Sam Lapere said...

Lex4art, I can't say for sure at this point, the details for Brigade licensing have yet to be determined.