Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hayssam Keilany aka iCELaGlacE joins OTOY

Excellent news everybody! Hayssam Keilany, creator of iCEnhancer and best known for his photorealistic GTA IV mod, has joined our ever growing OTOY team in New Zealand to apply his lighting magic on the Brigade engine and Octane Render, the only renderers capable of real-time path tracing of dynamic scenes. With iCELaGlacE on board, we will bring Octane and Brigade to a whole new level, completely blurring the line between real and virtual scenes. I'm confident to say that within one year, we will have 100% movie quality animations and games running in real-time in the cloud. Fun times ahead!
iCEnhancer facebook page:

Shot from GTA IV with iCEnhancer:



Anonymous said...

It's good that you got someone aboard that has a good eye for convincing rendering setups.

But I simply cannot take you serious with sentences like "the only renderers capable of real-time path tracing of dynamic scenes". Neither of these renderers is capable on its own to provide images of acceptable quality level in realtime on anything but "supercomputers" -
at the same time, other engines are capable of "realtime" BVH updates, too.

This is a fact that won't change in the near term, no matter how much time you spend on optimizing.

You should spend some time on techniques such as reprojection and filtering to get a bit closer to acceptable quality levels if you want to honestly bear the title of "realtime".

Anonymous said...


Does Hayssam have C++ programming experience?

Hayssam said...

Yes, I do. :)

Anonymous said...


Great! :) Here's hoping you do something amazing with GTA5(when it comes out)!