Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Real-time path tracing with OctaneRender 1.5

Just want to share a couple of real-time rendered videos made with the upcoming OctaneRender 1.5. The scene used in the videos is the same one that was used for the Brigade 3 launch videos. The striking thing about Octane is that you can navigate through this scene in real-time while having an instant final quality preview image. It converges in just a few seconds to a noise free image, even with camera motion blur enabled. It's both baffling and extremely fun. 

The scene geometry contains 3.4 million triangles without the Lamborghini model, and 7.4 million triangles with (the Lamborghini alone has over 4 million triangles). All videos below were rendered in real-time on 4 GTX 680 GPUs. Because of the 1080p video capture, the framerate you see in the videos is less than half the framerate you get in real life, it's incredibly smooth. 

There are a bunch more real-time rendered videos and screenshots of the upcoming OctaneRender 1.5 in this thread on the Octane forum (e.g. on page 7).


McAce said...

Beautiful! Is that city scene freely available somewhere?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

How fast is brigade compared to Octane?

Anonymous said...

Will octane works with amd cards?(opencl)

Anonymous said...

Sam, has speed improve from 1.2 to 1.5?

Anonymous said...


I just realize you guys plan on using the same API for Octane and Brigade. So I assume we'll be able to buy a license of Brigade(Since any Octane plugin can target Brigade as a renderer), but will this API let developers add features to Brigade or build a game engine around Brigade,i.e. add physics,AI,etc? Any updates on Brigade? no need for videos, just verbal update would be awesome!