Monday, November 28, 2016

Wanted: GPU rendering developers

I'm working for an international company with very large (<Trump voice>"YUUUUUGE"<\Trump voice>) industry partners.

We are currently looking for excellent developers with experience in GPU rendering (path tracing) for a new project.

Our ideal candidates have either a:
  • Bachelor in Computer Science, Computer/Software Engineering or Physics with a minimum of 2 years of work experience in a relevant field, or
  • Master in Computer Science, Computer/Software Engineering or Physics, or
  • PhD in a relevant field
and a strong interest in physically based rendering and ray tracing.

Self-taught programmers are encouraged to apply if they meet the following requirements:
  • you breathe rendering and have Monte Carlo simulations running through your blood
  • you have a copy of PBRT (, version 3 was released just last week) on your bedside table
  • provable experience working with open source rendering frameworks such as PBRT, LuxRender, Cycles, AMD RadeonRays or with a commercial renderer will earn you extra brownie points
  • 5+ years of experience with C++
  • experience with CUDA or OpenCL
  • experience with version control systems and working on large projects
  • proven rendering track record (publications, Github projects, blog)

Other requirements:
  • insatiable hunger to innovate
  • a "can do" attitude
  • strong work ethic and focus on results
  • continuous self-learner
  • work well in a team
  • work independently and able to take direction
  • ability to communicate effectively
  • comfortable speaking English
  • own initiatives and original ideas are highly encouraged
  • willing to relocate to New Zealand

What we offer:
  • unique location in one of the most beautiful and greenest countries in the world
  • be part of a small, high-performance team 
  • competitive salary
  • jandals, marmite and hokey pokey ice cream

For more information, contact me at

If you are interested, send your CV and cover letter to Applications will close on 16 December or when we find the right people. (update: spots are filling up quickly so we advanced the closing date with five days)


sigi said...

While i would love to get the chance to work on those topics in my work time instead of my free time (my free time is spare), at least it tells me a little bit on what is needed.

But i think i'm already to deep into my specialty to be able to switch. I don't know many/any company willing to provide enough ground to get good enough again in c++ and than switch to another position to freshen up graphics programming and becoming good in it.

SaMpY said...

Any kind of homework just to see how close I/we can be to the request before applying?

Unknown said...

I'm 17, and I really love path tracing... I haven't read pbrt, or much of that but, I would love to see what you guys are working or test it in some way! I have made a path tracer (gpu) and worked in cycles and other renders. I would really love the experience, to ask questions, and to see what happens with a rendering team ("see what's under the hood"). I would like to see if I could work in it some day... I know its passed the sign up date but, I only saw this today. It would be a great gift and something special to me if I even got a reply...
~Sincerely John

Unknown said...

No self-taught remotes? =)

Unknown said...

Are these positions still available?

Vitaly said...

Stumbled at this post by accident. You, sir, have "YUUUUUGE" expectations. Whoever applies must know about the equally "YUUUUUGE" benefits for themselves by taking on this role. Yet your post says nothing about it. I wouldn't be surprised if you had a tough time hiring :)