Monday, January 9, 2012

Brigade 2 GI test

Just a small test with a Cornell box scene to test diffuse color bleeding with Brigade 2, rendered on my faithful 8600M GT (the female character is a high poly version of Alyx from Half-Life 2 (character model from here), containing almost 40k triangles and can be moved around the scene in real-time, the spheres are made of triangles):

Some more tests with an area light that show indirect lighting and subtle brownish/greenish color bleeding on the left side of the character:

These scenes use Brigade's multiple importance sampling kernel which drastically reduces the noise in interior scenes compared to the kernel used in previous test scenes (which converged fast because those were open outdoor scenes lit by an HDR skydome).  Brigade's MIS algorithm allows this kind of interior scenes to converge extremely fast as can be seen in this video made by Jacco Bikker. It uses two GTX 470s to render at real-time framerates with 80 spp per frame!


Anonymous said...

I see the color bleeding between the diffuse surfaces, very nice indeed.

Anonymous said...

if you could make a binary of that, it would be great!

Ray Tracey said...

No more binaries for a while, I'm saving them to create a much larger release in a few months :)