Monday, January 9, 2012

A new real-time sphere path tracer (CUDA and OpenCL)

Real-time path tracing of spheres on the GPU is hot it seems :-)

It looks very impressive and pretty. The path tracer owes its speed to the fact that it is completely running on the GPU and to a custom precomputed hashing algorithm. More info at There are also downloadable executables further down the page.

Tokaspt (by tbp), Sfera (by LuxRender's Dade), the WebGL path tracer (by Evan Wallace), ... the list of real-time GPU path tracers featuring dynamic scenes with spheres keeps growing. 


Lex4art said...

"A lot" of comments... its hard to be inventor in human society! XD

Anonymous said...

I think its even harder in nonhuman society :-)

Wax78 said...

Video seems private now :(