Monday, January 2, 2012

Pepeland inspired Brigade 2 scene

Inspired by a Pepeland animation (one of the first truly photorealistic animations, rendered with Arnold in 1999), I've created a scene with the Brigade 2 path tracer in an attempt to achieve photorealism in real-time. Some pics (rendered with 8600M GT):

The scene contains 110k triangles (the chair and robot are free models found on the net, the ogre is the same model from the previous demo). It renders in real-time at low resolution on a high end GPU and is pretty amazing to see in action.

Videos and executable will follow soon.


Vojtech said...


btw: Did that happen?

"We have some new stuff for you this week that will significantly enhance frame rates.

- Jacco."

Ray Tracey said...

Yes it happened :)

But I'm still mostly using an older path tracing kernel because of my development hardware (a 4-year old laptop with 8600M GT, a 128 MB mobile GPU with cuda compute capability 1.1)