Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Brigade 2 website launched with source code + new videos and exe's

Great news today: the website for the Brigade 2 path tracer has been launched and includes the source code so anyone can make their own real-time path traced game. The path tracing kernels are still closed source and precompiled in a library.

The website can be found here: http://brigade.roenyroeny.com/

I have also developed two small demos showing real-time path traced interior scenes with animation. The first one is a simple study room like scene, in which the ceiling and back walls are removed to let more light enter the scene (there is a problem with the normals from the chair):

The second one is a more complex bedroom scene (180k triangles). The scene is a free 3ds max model from http://www.3dmodelfree.com, which was tweaked a little bit (I took out the ceiling, two walls and the curtains). The scene came without textures, so I had to set every material manually in the mtl file. Some screens:
Diffuse(.1,.1,.1) and spec(.9) for bedframe and closet:

Two videos showing real-time material tweaking and animation with physics:

The executable demo can be downloaded at  
(all CUDA architectures supported)

Expect many more demos made with the Brigade 2 path tracer in the coming weeks and months. Brigade is also going to be ported to OpenCL soon. 2012 is going to be a breakthrough year for real-time GPGPU path tracing.


Anonymous said...

Something is really odd about the shading of the materials, let's see what it looks like with Lambertian Matte Material.

Ray Tracey said...

True, it's a problem with normals, which is most apparent on glossy surfaces.
Somewhere along the export/import process of obj models from Max to Maya/Blender and into Brigade, the normals get screwed up. I will have to take a closer look at this. I think I am not loading the models in Brigade correctly. Should be easy to solve.

Ray Tracey said...

I found out what the problem was: turning off "smooth groups" in 3dsmax when exporting the obj solved the normals issue. The shading looks right now.