Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cool new Nvidia tech demo with real-time raycasting!

These guys know how to impress, check it out:

"Crank is a realtime graphics demo developed for NVIDIA. The demo showcases several NVIDIA technologies such as:


Crank was commissioned by NVIDIA to promote Fermi - NVIDIA's latest brand of GPU architecture, and used during the opening keynote at the 2010 GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, California.

This application was devloped in C++, using DirectX10 for rendering. The demo contains simulations of rigid bodies and a rendering of a 3D-version of the Koch Snowflake fractal.

Unleashing the massive parallel computing power in NVIDIA's new GeForce 400-series, the demo showcases an unprecedented display of realtime graphics and physics simulation."


Kerrash said...

Ah that's old school.
Takes me back to the demo scene.

I want to get my ASM on now.

Sam Lapere said...

yeah, it definitely has that demo scene vibe with the euro techno :)