Monday, February 28, 2011

Doom 3 path traced with OptiX

Seems like a nice idea, but currently it's far from real-time and it doesn't look very spectacular. Imo, it should use the Brigade path tracer for better performance and quality.

UPDATE: the guys working on this have posted a new screenshot, showing much improved global illumination by using Russian roulette:

Everything looks much brighter now and actually starts to have that path traced look. Unfortunetly textures and geometry are pretty low resolution. And it's still way too slow for real-time (30 minutes for this 2048x2048 image on GTX480 + Tesla C2050).


Anonymous said...

Hmm, that looks really weird for path tracing. I don't really see any of the "GI-ish" look :/

Sam Lapere said...

I agree. The first screenshots don't seem to have GI in them, but the last one (that I posted in the update) definitely looks much better and lit with GI.