Wednesday, August 10, 2011

GTS 450 video of Unbiased Sphere Stack Shooter game

Much better quality video (480p) of "Unbiased Sphere Stack Shooter" rendered on a GTS 450:

The photoreal lighting of the scene is much more obvious in this video (less noise, higher framerate and higher resolution than the previous vid which was rendered on a 8600M GT) Unfortunately Youtube puts a nasty filter over the image, the original image quality is much crisper.

The executable demo of TOKAP Unbiased Sphere Stack Shooter is available at (CUDA 4.0 required)

After much tinkering with the Bullet code (converting quaternions to degrees) the car physics for Unbiased Truck Soccer are finally working (just one car atm, but it looks hilarious), so I'll be posting a new demo and video soon.

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