Tuesday, August 30, 2011

OTOY partners with GPU path tracing renderers Octane and Brigade!

Wowowow... this is superawesome news! An article on Venturebeat today revealed that OTOY will be partnering with two fantastic renderers, Octane Render from Refractive Software and Brigade from Jacco Bikker, both pioneers in interactive/realtime high quality GPU based rendering.

I've blogged about these three developers before, and the fact that all three will be joining forces is just breathtakingly awesome! It's a dream come true:

- Octane Render is by far the fastest, most feature rich and highest quality unbiased GPU renderer, trouncing traditional biased and unbiased CPU renderers

- Brigade is a realtime CPU/GPU path tracer targeted at games (with many noise reducing optimizations) developed by Jacco Bikker, who also developed the GPU path tracing code used in my latest demos

- OTOY is an emerging cloud rendering/cloud gaming company (probably best known from the AMD Radeon 4800 and 5800 launch events and the Ruby demo which used voxel ray tracing) that also owns LightStage, a state-of-the-art dome-shaped capturing environment for creating 100% photorealistic digital actors, which was used in blockbuster movies like Benjamin Button, Avatar and The Social Network

This new partnership means that there is now a very high concentration of high-quality rendering know-how and I've got a feeling that there will be more to come. This will have a profound impact on the movie/game/rendering industry... I'm extremely happy and excited to see what's coming from all this :D.

The VentureBeat article is here: http://venturebeat.com/2011/08/30/otoy-cloud-video-games/

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