Friday, March 11, 2011

RenderSpud, a new path tracer for Blender

RenderSpud is a new path tracer which has been in development for some time. Recently the author released a very short but cool looking video made with the RenderSpud Blender plugin:
"Rendered with PyBlenderSpud (RenderSpud Blender plugin). 16 samples/pixel path tracing at 720x480, 15-20 seconds per frame to render the 70-frame sequence."
The image quality for just 16 samples/pixel looks great and 20 seconds per frame is not bad for that resolution, especially when keeping in mind that this is just CPU path tracing. If this would be optimized and ported to the GPU, it could probably reach rendertimes of 1 second per frame or less (at 720x480 and 16 samples/pixel) when using multiple GPUs.

Some recent pics of RenderSpud can be found at

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