Monday, March 21, 2011

OTOY at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit 2011

Last week, AMD held a session about "Content and the Cloud" at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit with OTOY's Jules Urbach as one of the main speakers. A video of the complete session can be found at

Some interesting snippets that were shown and talked about:

- Crysis 2 rendered in the cloud at the highest settings and streamed to an iPad using OTOY's tech

- games can be rendered for 16 concurrent users with a single GPU

- (around the 16:00 mark) path tracing!!! A very short clip was shown where Jules manipulates an extremely high detail model from the Transformers movie (created by ILM) on an iPhone in real-time, rendered in the cloud with path tracing and displayed at 60 fps. Path tracing will scale to as many servers as are available. This will really revolutionize the way games and films are made. A blurry picture below:

- Software tools such as Blender will be delivered through the cloud with OTOY

- WebCL! The next logical step after WebGL, which will make the GPU computing power from the cloud accessible through a webbrowser. Very interesting.

- Operating systems, next-gen consoles, Blu-Ray discs will become irrelevant when all apps run in the cloud

- The same assets from the Gaiking movie (to be released next year), will be used in a Gaiking game that can only be played on the cloud due to the massive computing resources it will require for rendering the graphics in real-time. Tantalizing... :-D

Screen from the Gaiking teaser trailer:

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