Thursday, March 10, 2011

Update 10 on the real-time path traced Pong game: still looking for help! :)

During the last few weeks I've been trying to integrate Bullet Physics into Tokap while simultaneously learning myself to program C++. I've made some progress, but I'm still stuck on getting user controlled kinematic bodies working.

Having a quality 3D physics engine like Bullet Physics powering the gameplay mechanics in Tokap would be a big plus and would allow a multitude of gameplay ideas and variations. Once the physics are in, there could be a lot more physics driven game ideas beyond just the simple Pong game.

Sample code and a Bullet Physics-themed 'Hello World' can be found at and It's easy to get things up and running and to familiarize yourself with the Bullet Physics API, but it gets a little trickier when trying to get user controlled objects working. If anyone's interested to help me out with this project or has experience with Bullet Physics or other physics engines, I would very much appreciate it! You can contact me at the address on this page

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