Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Unbiased Truck with Plausible Bullet Physics!

The physics in the previous demo were funny and also a bit strange, because the chassis dove down when the wheels were going up. I discovered that the Z-angle of the chassis had to have the same sign as the Z-angle of the wheels, which gives a much more plausible result, although the wheels are still quite jerky and are jumping around because of the loose suspension. The car will pull itself to its original state in most cases, so I've decided to leave the wonky physics as is.

Rendered on 8600m gt:

Unbiased truck test drive in the Cornell Box:

New executable at http://code.google.com/p/tokap-the-once-known-as-pong/downloads/list

Some people reported problems with the last executable, so I included an updated version of "cudart.dll" this time (the CUDA 4.0 version).


Paul Usul said...

concerning the physics, I think it gives him personality :)

Sam Lapere said...

Yep! I agree :)

Maybe I should rename it to Hyperflexible Truck